Okay let's be honest, it wouldn't be a proper Griz football game without a few pregame beverages to getcha warmed up! And there's nothin' like shotgunning a beer to speed up the warming-up process, especially when that beer is a Coors Banquet...

If you've stopped by our Griz football tailgate over the past couple of weekends, then you might have seen a huge crowd gathered around our Coors mountain cooler. The reason behind this is because we've been raising money for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation by Shotgunning For A Cause. In other words, I'm making people donate money to the foundation in order to shotgun an ice cold Coors Banquet beer! Haha Which I gotta say is pretty impressive on a couple different levels...

So without further ado... Here's the first installment of #ShotgunningForACause! Enjoy!

***Please note that NO Griz fans were injured in the making of this video!***

To check out the video of Griz fans giving 'shotgunning tips,' click HERE!

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