So many questions!  Why did someone hang onto this coupon so long?  Did they just stumble onto it recently?  Or did their last bottle of Crisco last for 36 years and this is the first time they needed more?

A shopper redeemed a 36-year-old coupon at a grocery store in New York last week.  It  saved them 20 cents on a bottle of Crisco oil.  But hey, 20 cents is 20 cents.  The coupon had no expiration date and the store manager accepted it with the plan of sending it to the manufacturer to see if they'll honor it.

If that coupon could talk - where would it say it's been since 1983?

The manager also tweeted a photo for the world to enjoy.  And from that tweet and the conversation it sparked comes my favorite part of the story.  Somebody posted a picture of a Pizza Hut coupon from 1991.  They said they've had it in their wallet for 12 years (where's it been the other 8 years?).  The person said the next time they're in Montana or Wyoming where it's valid they'll be using it.  One of the locations listed on the coupon is MISSOULA!  I hope they cash it in right here in town!



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