Decades have passed since Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols first hit stores, enraging many with the band’s public use of profanity and disrespect for the establishment, while inspiring many others with the LP’s onslaught of guitar and insouciant attitude. We’re taking a look at what happened to everyone involved in the Sex Pistols’ one (and only) studio album in the years since its 1977 release.

Formed in 1975, although guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook had been playing together in bands for years before that, the Sex Pistols began life when Jones asked London provocateur Malcolm McLaren for help with his band. Bassist Glen Matlock came aboard because he worked at McLaren’s London boutique (later salaciously named SEX). Singer John Lydon joined after he was spotted wearing an “I Hate Pink Floyd” T-shirt. He earned the moniker Johnny Rotten because of his bad teeth.

With McLaren pushing the press’s buttons, and the band creating a brash noise topped with Rotten’s nasty diatribes, the Pistols became a media sensation in 1976 – as reviled for their bad behavior as they were embraced by the youth for their sound and stance. Between failed record contracts, Sid Vicious replaced Matlock in an ultimate move of style over substance (Glen had helped write many of the band’s songs while Vicious could barely play). Jones doubled the bass part on sessions for the Pistols’ first album, produced by Bill Price or Chris Thomas (they worked separately) and released with its ransom-note sleeve on Virgin Records in the U.K. and Warner Bros. in the U.S.

The band broke up about three months later, but their recordings and live performances endured to have a lasting impact on a variety of music styles, as well as the record industry and culture at large. So what have all the creative parties been up to in the time after making this seminal record? To put it succinctly, there have been some “Holidays in the Sun,” many “Problems” and a bit of “Anarchy.”

Read below to see what those responsible, directly and indirectly, for Never Mind the Bollocks have been up to since 1977.

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