Earlier this month, residents of Belgrade were treated to a beautiful holiday light show, courtesy of Montana truckers. Parades weren't possible this year as gathering thousands of people together is a great way to contract the virus that brought us the worst year in recent memory. So a bunch of festive truckers brought the parade to families by driving through the neighborhoods of Belgrade (if you've never been, it's about 15 minutes outside of Bozeman.)

Thanks to 4 amazing volunteer organizers, and sponsors Kenyon Noble Lumber and Hardware, Martel Construction, TMC Inc, DLM Contracting, Treasure State Inc., Dick Anderson Construction, Sime Construction, and D&D Trucking & Construction, the inaugural Christmas Convoy was a huge success! Of course none of it would have been possible without some very jolly big rig drivers, and the local police and fire departments in the Belgrade area. The show was free to spectators, but residents were asked to donate to the Belgrade Community Coalition if they could, and it sounds like they collected enough funds for a 2nd annual Christmas Convoy.

The fact that truckers have huge hearts first came to my attention when my brother and sister were in grade school. They had "trucker buddies" who would visit their classrooms when they were driving through town. The truckers would bring them small prizes and big stories from the road. I always thought that was the coolest program as the children were thrilled on "trucker buddy" day, and I'm sure it brought a lot of joy to the truckers too.

The Christmas Convoy show was captured from above by Montana helicopter company, Rocky Mountain Rotors, you can see their footage below.

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