I am the first to admit, I am frugal with money. Since we work so hard to get it, I enjoy when it sits in the bank and is available when needed. Although sometimes I wait too long to replace things, especially more expensive items like a cell phone. My wife Savannah and I both had the same Samsung S4 phones for the past 3+ years. This past weekend her phone just kept shutting off so we ordered her a new Samsung S7 edge.

My Samsung S4 is still working just fine. I can't really download any new apps because I am out of storage space on my phone, but I can deal with that. Although I am certain that I don't have too much longer with this phone, so I am starting to look at replacements. After doing some research I know that Samsung is coming out with the new S8 phone in April, and I think I will buy one of those once released. Unless someone else has a phone suggestion that I haven't researched yet. Any suggestions?


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