Each year, Missoula County Public School's Title VI Parent Advisory Committee honors local high school graduates with a senior dinner. They've been doing this for so long that I remember attending the dinner when I was about to graduate from high school! Now that I think about it, I found the certificate they gave me when we moved houses last summer. The committee gives awards for students with highest GPA and other impressive achievements and provides dinner for students and their families. It's just a nice way to recognize the thirteen years of hard work that Missoula's Native American students have accomplished.

To help fund the dinner, Native residents and generous local businesses have contributed some much sought after items for an action that will begin on Monday, April 19th. Please take a look now and we'll remind you when it's time to bid. Auction items include beaded keychains, a beaded breastplate necklace, and my favorite, a beaded pop socket. And, something that is priceless in my opinion. a dozen pieces of hand made fry bread. Yum, I wish I had that auction item ready for dinner tonight for tacos!

Other items include a Girl Scout Cookie basket, Native books, a gift card for embroidery work, entry for 4 to the Giggle Box, and a lesson at the Missoula Boxing Club. I'm sure more items will be added before the auction goes live, you can keep an eye out here. It's only April, but let us be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of Missoula's 2021 graduates!

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