A staple of Whitefish, Montana that has been around for just about fifty years suffered a major catastrophe earlier this week.

Stillwater Horse Whispers Ranch, which is used in the community for specialized training, therapy, horse language classes and more, completely collapsed due to heavy snow. Owner Bobbi Hall talked to KPAX about the collapse, expressing gratitude that nobody was inside working when it happened.

But without the horse arena, Bobbi isn't able to conduct her business, and the cost of rebuilding is enormous - due to a shoestring budget, the building wasn't insured. Which means that in order to keep the business going, a lot of money has to be raised in a very short amount of time.

That's why Bobbi and longtime friend Andrew Bing have set up a GoFundMe page with a lofty goal - they need to raise $150,000. The GoFundMe explains in great detail that the original construction of the arena in the '80s was flawed, and goes in depth about Bobbi's work and how important it is to the community.

Classes are already scheduled to take place in March, so the sooner that money can be raised for construction of a new arena, the better.

As of this writing, just about two thousand dollars has been raised of the $150,000 goal. And even if they can't get everything through the GoFundMe, every single contribution will be a huge help. If you want to donate and help make sure that this Whitefish staple gets to continue on, you can follow the link right here.

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