There's a LOT going on this Saturday, and I'm not talking about Halloween parties. Remember back in 2019 when we were young and hopeful and we all were excited that this year's Halloween was going to fall on a Saturday and coincide with a creepy full moon? Oh the wonder of yesteryear, how we long for the good 'ol days.

It's still going to be Halloween, and that spooky moon is still set to make an appearance. And to top it off, it's Daylight Saving Time. I know damn well everyone forgot about that fact considering none of us ever know what day it is, if it's a school day or a week day, or remember if it's a "shower day."

Some businesses are still braving Halloween, here's a nice list of some activities going on for kids and big kids alike. Don't forget to enter your pumpkins and costumes for prizes in the MCPS/All Nations virtual pumpkin carving and costumes contests. We are planning to dress up and toss candy to trick-or-treaters from our porch, wearing gloves and masks, of course. Remember when you were a kid and would be disappointed when you found a brand new toothbrush in your bag? Imagine living in a year where finding a nice, little hand sanitizer in your bag would actually be welcomed! I mean, that's not what we're handing out, we're big fans of chocolate, but still, these are weird times.

The Blue Moon is the 2nd of two full moons this month, and although it won't actually appear blue colored, it will be near a beautiful red object called Mars, so don't forget to point that out to the kids. Saturday's forecast looks good for an October 31st in Missoula, high of 47, low of 25 and sunshine throughout the day. We've certainly experienced our share of far worse Halloween weather.

AND, it's also time to turn back the clocks as Daylight Saving Time ends. Clocks should do that by themselves at this point, but don't forget, you gain an hour on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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