Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, but it's become somewhat of a virtual war zone (even more chaotic than before it seems) ever since Elon Musk took over in October, and some musicians have decided to leave it as a result.

Musk completed his $44 million buyout of the site in late October, and almost immediately laid off several thousand employees. His promise to allow free speech has caused misinformation to spread and hate speech to increase. He's reinstated banned accounts and suspended others, and started a new "Twitter Blue" subscription feature [via The New York Times] that allows users to verify their accounts with a blue checkmark by paying a monthly fee — but also enables them to impersonate actual public figures.

Musk is aware that many are unhappy with the way he's running the company. On Dec. 18, he tweeted a poll asking if he should step down as CEO — and over 57 percent of respondents said yes.

"I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job! After that, I will just run the software & servers teams," he replied to the poll once the voting had commenced.

Many musicians have taken to Twitter to express their outrage for the new Twitter policies, including blink-182's Tom DeLonge, Testament's Alex Skolnick and Sebastian Bach, and you can read their reactions here. But, only a handful have actually gone as far as to exit the platform to express their dismay for the takeover. Scroll below to see which rockers have departed and what their final words were.

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