Rising Seattle rockers AVOID are avid Foo Fighters fans and, in celebration of the Foos' debut album turning 25 this year, the group has dished out a gnarly cover of "Weenie Beenie," finished off with a quarantine-style video. Hear it first, premiering at Loudwire.

Foo Fighters signified the musical rebirth of Dave Grohl, who conceived the group to be a one-man effort following the dissolution of Nirvana in the wake of Kurt Cobain's death by suicide. Opener "This Is a Call" ultimately propelled the group into the spotlight, but deeper tracks such as "Weenie Beenie," which is covered faithfully by AVOID, showcased Grohl's penchant for noisy and abrasive alt-rock that tastefully countered his more commercial leanings.

In the video below, AVOID jam out individually, cooped up at home while maintaining social distancing measures as the coronavirus continues to grip the United States. The energy is contagious and they even give a slight nod to the current circumstances, using a brief pause in the song to shout out, "Wash your hands," before kicking back into some riffs.

"We’re so excited to share our cover of 'Weenie Beenie!' This has been one of our favorite songs for as long as we can remember," said singer Benny Scholl. "The Foos have been a big part of our musical journey. Some of the first songs our guitarist Nick and I ever jammed together were Foo Fighters songs. There aren’t very many bands with a discography as diverse as theirs, and they continue to inspire us every day. A huge congratulations to Dave and the rest of the guys for 25 years,” state the band.

Formed in 2017, the AVOID five-piece released their first record, Alone, in 2018 on Revival Recordings and now have their eyes locked on their second release: an EP titled The Burner, which will be out later this year with more details coming over the next few weeks.

The band currently consists of Benny Scholl (vocals), Nick Olson (guitar), Luke Ryder (guitar), Chris Echols (bass) and Paul Jaton (drums) and you can keep up with everything AVOID are doing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

AVOID, "Weenie Beenie" (Foo Fighters Cover)


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