Rise Against get repped by the institution behind the Grammys, the Recording Academy, in a new video spotlighting the Tim McIlrath-led rockers and Nowhere Generation, the band’s latest studio album released this month. For the Grammy Museum, they perform two of the effort's songs and give an interview.

Those tunes are the album's anthemic title track as well as its latest single, "Talking to Ourselves." But there's a lot more than just the musical performances in the 38-minute Rise Against overview that emerged on Thursday (June 17) as part of an ongoing online Grammy showcase called Collection: Live.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"Our Collection: Live episode is up!" Rise Against announced on Twitter. "We sat down with [the Grammy Museum]'s Scott Goldman to talk about our new album followed by a performance of 'Nowhere Generation' and 'Talking to Ourselves.'"

"Talking to Ourselves," specifically, "describes a lot of what Rise Against does," McIlrath previously said in a press release — "to speak and scream when we feel there are things that are happening that aren't being addressed."

Bassist Joe Principe added that the Nowhere Generation album harkens back to the punk fare the band cut their teeth on growing. "I listened to bands like 7 Seconds, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and Bad Religion," he said. "All of those bands' music had a sense of hope with the world, a truly positive global view of what life can be. From the beginning, we've wanted Rise Against to have that same positivity, to have our music be an inspiration for people to bring about change in their own lives."

Learn more about the Grammy Museum at grammymuseum.org.

Moderator Scott Goldman talks with multi-gold and platinum punk rock band Rise Against about their brand new album, Nowhere Generation. Following the conversation, the band gives a special performance of their songs 'Nowhere Generation' and 'Talking to Ourselves.' On the new album, the outspoken band points a finger at big business and politics for stacking the social and economical deck against Millennials', Gen Y's and Gen Z's pursuit of the American Dream. Musically, the album is blazing, aggressive punk rock; lyrically, the eleven songs were inspired in part by input from band members' young children and Rise Against's community of fans.

Rise Against Grammy Museum Spotlight

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