It was a hot spring night on Hamilton's Main Street, when Rock Turner got on the "stationary" bicycle and started peddling. The chain was connected to an old-fashioned ice cream churn and the creation of a cold, delicious treat was underway.

The bicycle ice cream was just part of the Hamilton Tonight late night opening Friday, June 8, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The other free activities included bow target practice and "street" yoga. Those attending could also get "up close and personal" to sled dogs and their sleds. The HDA had cool beverages for sale on the monthly "Second Friday" event in Hamilton. Stores were open late and galleries in town had special displays in their monthly "Culture Crawl." The older population will get special discounts Saturday, June 9, in a new promotion, Senior Saturday, with even more stores offering specials this month.

By the way, the bicycle peddling gets really hard as the ice cream thickens. It's like going up a hill on your bike. Good exercise and a fine treat at the end.

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