The all-consuming Game of Thrones vortex left little room for other TV on Sunday, but those who caught Rick and Morty Season 3’s latest saw even more fire. Adult Swim took a shot at Game of Thrones’ writing these past years, and they may have a point.

You’d have to have stayed up pretty late to catch Rick and Morty’s “Rest and Ricklaxation” on Sunday, but if you did, you may have noticed a particularly harsh post-credits bumper airing on Adult Swim. One user snapped a photo of the message (h/t Vulture), which took aim at Game of Thrones’ writing in Season 7:

UPDATE: The official Rick and Morty Twitter account stepped in to distance itself from the network’s scathing critique:

Obviously, there’s little room for nuance in such a brief criticism, but it’s no secret that Game of Thrones Season 7 has been an uneven one. For all the exciting developments and incredible set pieces, overstuffed hours like “Eastwatch” or “Beyond The Wall” felt like they were straining against that seven-episode run, and even last night’s finale lacked the meticulous punch of last year’s explosive “Winds of Winter.”

Then again, we don’t yet know if the totality of Rick and Morty Season 3 will prove worth its own year-long wait, but either way – can’t all our Sunday shows get along? Care to weigh in, Twin Peaks?

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