It's the Daylight Saving nobody likes, spring forward, meaning you lose an hour of your day. Many Americans like to be dramatic and say we lose an hour of sleep, but it doesn't have to be that way if you adjust your Sunday so you're not losing sleep going into your Monday. It doesn't affect me, it doesn't affect my mood or vibe like it does for a lot of humans, and I think everyone loves sunlight later into the evening.

This Sunday, March 14th, you'll notice your clocks have jumped ahead an hour, and you'll have to adjust those clocks with hands you still have on your walls for who knows what reason. Wait, I have at least three of those at my house, in my defense, one is this super sick glowing Foo wall clock, but it doesn't even tell the correct time.

Twice a year, we all wonder why we are still participating in this farce of a time adjustment and agree that's it's completely unnecessary as farmers own clocks now. They even have cell phones with alarms on them, it's pretty neat. Seriously though, can we just jump on board with Arizona and stop all of this silliness?

For now it remains, so here's your reminder. And, while I have you here, the Missoulian shared some incredible photos of printing in progress over the past 150 years in Missoula, check 'em out here. You heard the building has been sold and printing is moving to Helena, right?

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