Last month a doctored video made the rounds that featured Russian president Vladimir Putin singing Radiohead's "Creep." Now, the tables have turned and someone has taken a Radiohead video and overdubbed "Gasolina," a reggaeton hit by Daddy Yankee.

The video, which is embedded above, was found at Stereogum and it's not too hard to see why the creator chose to mash the two up. Thom Yorke's hip gyrations are vaguely Latino, and he seems ecstatically entranced by the rhythms. Of course, it's also possible that the video was sped up to match the music.

Even though Radiohead and Yorke had nothing to do with the video, it could possibly lead to deflating the band's serious and dour image. Yorke even acknowledged their reputation at their Coachella headlining slot 10 days ago. After having been forced off the stage due to a lack of sound coming from the stage's speakers, Yorke looked to lighten the mood by saying, “Can you actually hear me now? I’d love to tell you a joke to lighten the mood. But this is Radiohead, so f--- it!” As they closed the set with "Creep," Yorke added, “Oh you, know a funny thing happened on the way to the festival tonight… oh no it didn’t.”

Earlier today, we reported on speculation that Radiohead could be working on a 20th anniversary edition of OK Computer. The rumors have been prompted by posters that quote the lyrics to "Fitter Happier" that have recently sprung up in major cities around the world.

Daddy Yankee released "Gasolina" in 2004, and it subsequently reached the Top 40 on the U.S. Singles, Rap Songs, Latin Songs and R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts. It was the first reggaeton song to be nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Record of the Year.

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