Our grungy alt-pop baby is turning 5-years-old! We invite you to help celebrate our birthday with us on 2/2/22 and throughout the month of February. It's our birthday but you get all the presents and goodie bags!

Double Shots

On Wednesday 2/2/22, you'll hear 2 songs in a row from your favorite alt bands and artists all day long. If you have any you'd like to suggest or absolutely must hear on our birthday, give us a holla on the app.

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Alt Birthday Bingo

On 2/2/22 we'll be at the Thomas Meagher Bar for Birthday Bingo starting at 8 p.m. It's just 50 cents per card and we expect the pots for each round to be between $100 and $200. Plus, everyone who attends will have a chance to win one of our grand prizes, including a Ski Package with 2 lift tickets to Snowbowl, Lost Trail, and Lookout, all in one amazing goodie bag! You don't have to participate in bingo to win, but you do have to be present to collect your prize.

Win all month long!

Submit your name and each Friday in February we will draw for a variety of incredible goodie bags, here's the schedule of giveaways.


2 Trevor Noah tickets, $100 Meagher Bar gift card, $22 Smooch Cosmetic Boutique gift card, $22 Conflux Brewing Gift Card, $22 Bob Wards gift card.

Grand Prize at 2/2 Bingo: $100 Meagher Bar gift card, lift ticket package of 2 Snowbowl, 2 Lost Trail, 2 Lookout, $22 Conflux Brewing Gift Card, $22 Bob Wards gift card.


2 Trevor Noah tickets, $222 Altered Skin gift card, $22 Smooch Cosmetic Boutique gift card, $22 Conflux Brewing Gift Card, $22 Bob Wards gift card.


2 Trevor Noah tickets, 2 Santana tickets, $22 Conflux Brewing Gift Card, $22 Bob Wards gift card,


2 Trevor Noah tickets, 2 Under The Big Sky tickets, lift ticket package of 2 Snowbowl, 2 Lost Trail, 2 Lookout, $22 Conflux Brewing Gift Card, $22 Bob Wards gift card, Board of Missoula package with a skull skate deck, bones mug, sunglasses, Vans hat, BOMB sweatshirt, stickers, and a koozie.

Thank you for supporting our little radio station, for having impeccable taste in music, and for celebrating our birthday with us, we'll see you at Birthday Bingo!

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