We have all been talking lately about the amount of places that are hiring right now. It seems that everyone is looking for help right now. It has gotten so hard for people to hire, that some business are being forced to close early or close for an entire weekend. Just because they are understaffed. With so many options on where to work right now, a person looking for a job can choose not just any job, but a job that is right for them.

With that in mind, why not consider a job at Quinn's Hot Springs Resort. As we have been seeing over the last few months, Quinn's has spent a lot of time and money remodeling their pools and the resort itself. Reservations for the resort have quickly filled up, leaving lots of people anxious to get their spot in line for a relaxing soak. Why not get paid to be at the resort and possibly get an occasional soak as an employee benefit?

According to the Quinn's Hot Springs Website

We're hiring for multiple positions and are looking for positive, energetic applicants both full-time and part-time! After completing a trial period, employees enjoy meal, soaking and lodging benefits as well as a 401k benefit. If you're looking to develop a career, there is room for growth at Quinn's! Pay is dependent on the position applied for as well as the applicant's experience. See open positions below and apply today!
*Guest Services Associate (Desk Clerk)
*Harwood House Restaurant: Line Cook, Prep Cooks, Servers, Runners, Dishwashers
*Tavern: Bar backs, bartenders
*Pool Attendant


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