An upcoming Queens of the Stone Age album will contain contributions from both Foo FightersDave Grohl and ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons. The latter musician said as much at France's Hellfest this past weekend, where his Southern rock band were playing June 22 on a bill that included Tool, Def Leppard and KISS.

Grohl previously recorded with Queens of the Stone Age on 2002's Songs for the Deaf, at a time when the former Nirvana drummer took a break from his main act to reacquaint himself with the drum kit. On the eventual follow-up to QOTSA's 2017 effort Villains, it looks like the Foo Fighter may return to the Josh Homme-led act.

"Just one month ago I was making a record with Queens of the Stone Age," Gibbons laid out to eonmusic. "And Dave Grohl was also taking part and he decided to have a big barbecue. So there was this interesting gathering. So, we spent one hour telling stories, great stories remembering these lovely guys."

Gibbons himself has a history with Queens of the Stone Age, appearing on Lullabies to Paralyze single “Burn the Witch.” (In a 2013 interview with SPIN, Homme said "people didn't pick up on" the meaning of the song.)

But that wasn't the the only surprise at Hellfest. During the previous day (June 21) at the annual festival in Clisson, France, Danish rockers King Diamond premiered their first new song since 2007, "Masquerade of Madness."

ZZ Top's 50th anniversary collection Goin' 50 is being released now. Queens leader Josh Homme recently hinted at a revival of the Desert Sessions, the musician's long-running collaborative album series.

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