University of Montana President Seth Bodnar updated the campus on how far the University has come and what to expect in the future. UM Communications Director Paula Short says Bodnar was upbeat during his presentation and that he discussed a number of different things, including enrollment numbers.

“We are seeing some progress and we are seeing the fruits of our labor, but it is going to take some time for enrollment to come back to whatever that level is,” Short said. “The president stressed that there is not a hard number that we are trying to hit. It is about a quality accessible, affordable, and world class education at the University of Montana.”

Short says UM is actively exploring advancement in digital education. She says it is another great growth opportunity for the University.

“So many students are looking for additional certification,” Short said. “Being able to do that, having a career already, having a young family, having the ability to get on your computer at your convenience, maybe it is in the middle of the night or it is on Sunday morning, and be able to complete studies and advance your education is a real benefit. It is an area of growth that the provost sees. We are putting a lot of resources in to that and a lot of investment in that as well.”

According to Short, Bodnar believes UM needs to be sustainable, intentional, and thoughtful in its approach. Short says folks should expect to see real transformation at UM if the University collectively works together and makes small incremental gains. Bodnar encourages everyone that UM is on the right path.

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