Temperatures are remaining steady in Western Montana, and locals are looking to cool off in some cold water. Here are five great swimming holes in and around Missoula, Montana to help you get your wet on.

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    Splash Montana

    It may not look big from the outside, but tack a 100-degree day on the calendar and this water park looks like a Six Flags, and costs a hell of a lot less. It includes waterslides, an Olympic pool, a kids' area and even a lazy river ride. I recommend slathering on sunscreen, grabbing a lawn chair and scarfing down some dippin' dots!

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    Currents Aquatic Center

    If you wanna do some swimming come rain or shine, Currents Aquatic Center, a year-round indoor swimming pool located in McCormick Park, is the place. If you are looking to get the curtain climbers some swimming lessons, check out the deets on their website.

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    Flathead Lake

    Nothing says "Summer in Montana"  like dropping anchor in the middle of Flathead Lake and doing a big cannonball off the bow of the boat. The only problem is finding a friend with a boat. I usually have to bribe a buddy with beer and women in order to get aboard. Don't forget that there are tons of rental places along the shores of Flathead where you can rent everything from boats to jet skis.

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    JohnsRud Park

    Ah, the Mighty Blackfoot! Some of my fondest summertime memories have taken place either drunkenly falling down Thibodeau Falls on a tube, or just chillin' on the sand at JohnsRud Park. In years past people have gotten out of control with littering and partying, so please keep in mind that there are NO GLASS BOTTLES allowed on the river and that the park is heavily patrolled by State Patrol and FWP.

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    Maclay Bridge

    It always seems to be the spot to be on those real hot days, and it is located so close to town. If you need to beat the heat and are "ballin' on a budget", go park your butt in the Bitterroot River for a couple hours. But be warned the Northern Pike will nibble on your toes...

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