Some artists stick to the same set of songs on their tour stops, others completely change it up each night. Judging by recent Marilyn Manson setlists, it looks like each night is almost the same with a few songs switched up at each stop. Here's what you might be able to expect tonight, again, this isn't confirmed, just an educated guess.

  1. Angel With the Scabbed Wings
  2. This Is The New Shit
  3. Rock Is Dead
  4. The Nobodies
  5. The Dope Show
  6. Kill4Me
  7. If I Was Your Vampire/Say10
  8. Sweet Dreams/Lunchbox
  9. drum solo
  10. Antichrist Superstar
  11. The Beautiful People

They did 'The Love Song' and a Doors cover in Sioux City, and threw in mOBSCENE in Bismarck, so I feel like this list is the base but we can expect some surprises.

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