I have a couple coffee snobs in my family. They only want to go to their favorite place and nothing else. Every other brand is inferior. They couldn't possibly get coffee and actually enjoy it from a place other than their #1 spot. It cracks me up to hear them trash talk other coffee options - but maybe I just don't get it because I'm not a huge coffee drinker. I know, we all have our favorites when it comes to anything.....but if you want to see a side of someone you've never seen before - mention going to a coffee place that isn't their top spot and watch their reaction. Ha!

Here's some good news for anybody that has Florence Coffee Company ranked as their must-have coffee stop - they just opened a new drive thru in Missoula. East Missoula, to be exact. A social media post from FloCo shows that their brand new spot is now open just off the E. Missoula exit on I-90.

You could already find Florence Coffee Company in some of the busier areas around Missoula.....including Brooks, N. Reserve, and Higgins locations. Judging from some of the Facebook love they've received for their post - people seem pretty excited about the new location.

And every place around Missoula seems to be looking for help right now. FloCo looks to be on that list as they shared the following on their Facebook page:

Now Hiring for all BITTERROOT Florence Coffee Locations
*Please email a resume to samj@florencecoffeeco.com*

The perfect applicant should be:
**available weekends, evenings, and holidays
**strong ability to multitask
**thrive in a fast paced environment
**have a desire to learn and grow

Barista experience is a plus but not required to apply!

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