Soon, Montana voters will be deciding on whether to approve a six mill levy that goes to support the Montana University System. The director of UM’s Master of Public Administration program, Sarah Rinfret says the public was recently polled on the issue and explains...

"Every ten years we have a mill levy that supports the Montana University System, so it's happened since 1948, and it has successfully passed since 1948," Rinfret said. "It's up again this November for Montanans to decide and it was part of the UM Big Sky Poll we did in February."

The six mill levy pulls in about 19 million dollars for the University System, covering about ten percent of the system’s budget. Although polling indicates 18 percent of voters were against the levy, those supporting were much higher.

"We did a random sample of 603 voters in Montana," Rinfret said. "72 percent said they were in favor of voting for the Six Mill Levy, we also had a slew of questions that we asked so if folks want to check out all the results they can go to

The Big Sky Poll also recently found out that only 30 percent of respondents knew what words were printed on the State Seal of Montana (hint: it’s the State Motto: Oro y Plata). Rinfret says they will do another poll on the six mill university system levy in September.

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