Halloween is less than two weeks away and you know what that means. It's almost time for your ol' pal here to break out his Grinch costume. "It's not for me, it's for the kids." Those are the words I told my wife to make the costume seem like a rational purchase. But let's be honest, kids or no kids I was buying it! I'm not sure what we'll be doing when it comes to trick-or-treating this year but it looks like an annual Missoula event will be an option once again.

Photo: Ryan Nelson
Photo: Ryan Nelson

If you're still trying to figure out what Halloween is going to look like for your family this year and what you'll end up doing, Southgate Mall will once again be hosting their Candy Crawl on Halloween day. The event returns to the mall but things will look a bit different this year. If you've been in years past you're aware of how you would walk around the inside of the mall and collect candy from all of the different stores. Candy Crawl will take a different approach and be held in a designated area this year with no store-to-store trick-or-treating.

I know question #1 for kids is "how much candy am I going to get?" Well, that remains to be seen as I'm not sure how this year's Candy Crawl changes will affect the number of candy options. But everyone is invited to dress up in costume and trick-or-treat at The Concourse event space next to SCHEELS on Halloween from 3 PM to 6 PM. Check out the Facebook event page for more info.

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