Missoula is expanding, and welcoming newcomers from diverse backgrounds and regions. However, both the Latter-day Saint Church and the Islamic community are still facing challenges in finding suitable places for worship.

Where is the Temple for Latter-day Saints in Missoula?

In April of 2022 the 17th President of The Church of Latter-Day Saints, Russel M. Nelson, announced the plan for an LDS Temple in Missoula. Over two years later there is no LDS temple and no questions have been answered. There is a difference between a LDS church and a temple. Chapels are used for day services, youth groups, social events, and community events. Temples are seen as the most sacred place on earth and it is only open to the public briefly when it is first opened.

Christian Church in Missoula- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

3026 South Avenue West

3201 Bancroft Street

515 McLeod Ave

The Muslim Community Lacks a Place of Worship

Many refugees from Middle Eastern countries have come to Missoula. However, the Muslim community is still struggling to find a place of worship. There are no mosques in Missoula and the greater Missoula community has not made any plans for a Mosque. There have been temporary, unofficial Mosques in Missoula, but nothing permanent.

The University of Montana Administration offered a room in the University Center as a place for worship, however, the room lacked separate entrances for men and women which is prohibited in places of worship in Islam.

The Montana Islamic Society hosts celebrations and prayers currently at 601 South 5th Street E. The Montana Islamic Society aims to promote a supportive community of Muslims for all community members such as youth, refugees, converts, and students.

As Missoula continues to grow and embrace its new residents, it's important to address the needs of all communities. By coming together and supporting everyone, we can build a Missoula that truly welcomes everyone no matter their background.

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