Dave Grohl's dream of throwing a "back yard party for 50,000 people" came to fruition over the weekend at Cal Jam 2017 in San Bernardino, California.

If you're a Foo fan, you've already seen reviews of the Cal Jam bands and heard all about the shows, these are the photos for those of you who didn't get to step foot inside the "Foo Fighters Rock N' Roll Museum." A complete history of the Foo Fighters, including items that even the most die hard Foo fans have never laid their eyes upon. Grammys, guitars, Nate Mendel's complete collection of notebooks from every single Foo tour, t-shirts and props you are sure to recognize from videos, and THE THRONE!

As a Foo-natic, this was my Graceland, my Dollywood, my church. I hardly noticed the 98 degree heat as I stood in line for an hour to get into the museum, which was free admission for Cal Jam attendees. Outside of the museum was THE white limo, which had the keys in it, was unlocked and blasting Foo tunes; and the Foos original touring van, complete with some of the original gear that bumped around inside from show to show in the 90's.

Here are most of my pics, I took photos of every single item in the tent, but can't post the ones I took of the incredible photo displays due to legalities. This is a pretty comprehensive tour though, enjoy my Foo Fam.

Foo Fighters at Cal Jam Setlist

  1. Times Like These
  2. All My Life
  3. Learn To Fly
  4. The Pretender
  5. The Sky Is A Neighborhood
  6. La Dee Da (with Dave Koz on sax)
  7. Walk
  8. These Days
  9. My Hero
  10. Sunday Rain (Taylor on vocals, producer Greg Kurstin on keyboard)
  11. White Limo
  12. Arlandria
  13. Rope
  14. Dirty Water (with Inara George from The Bird and the Bee)
  15. This Is A Call
  16. Band intros, throwback songs to the original Cal Jam fests
  17. Monkey Wrench
  18. Run
  19. Never Gonna' Give You Up (with a foul mouthed Rick Astley)
  20. Best Of You
  21. Draw The Line (Aerosmith cover with Joe Perry)
  22. Come Together (Beatles cover with Joe Perry and partially with Liam Gallagher, who did not remember the words)
  23. Everlong


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