The sold out alt-J show last night at The Wilma was absolutely 100% phenomenal. The band sounded exactly the way a live show should, not identical to the record, but better. And you really had to be there to experience the visuals, they were nearly impossible to capture in photos.

During the show, keyboardist/vocalist Gus Unger-Hamilton expressed not once, but twice, that the band is looking forward to returning to Missoula in the future. Naturally, the guys were struck by the beauty of our state, and they were able to get in some fishing and a tour of the Montgomery Distillery. So it sounds like they had just as much fun in Missoula as we did at their show.

Bishop Briggs was the opener and she was all over the stage, I think she could have sold out the venue on her own, she puts on an incredible live show.

Here are photos of the crowd, Bishop Briggs and alt-J from October 18th, 2017 at The Wilma, courtesy of LogJam Presents and Neubauer Media.

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