The High School Class of 2020 should be finishing up projects, going to prom, planning graduation parties and spending as much time as possible with their friends before everyone goes their separate ways. With coronavirus isolation keeping everybody at home, away from friends, away from school, it's a weird, sad time for these kids who should be living their most exciting months. Parents of kids of all ages have been sharing their own senior photos on social media, along with words of support for the Class of 2020.

So we thought we'd share ours, KC's senior year at Billings Senior High School, and my own, straight outta the Hellgate High School Halberd yearbook, with bangs so tall they wouldn't even fit into the allowed space. As far as those words of wisdom, well, we understand your pain, Class of 2020, you'll remember this spring for the rest of your life, but don't get discouraged, stay focused, getcher asses to school or work this fall, and remember that music heals. Embrace your favorite bands, they will get you through this.

KC senior
Angel Charlo

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