Pabst Blue Ribbon just kicked off their 7th annual PBR 'Art Can Contest' and if your love for Missoula's fave beer inspires your creativity, you could win 10 grand!

PBR fans and artists will compete to design this year's limited edition label. The grand prize is $10,000 and your design featured on more than 30 million cans nationwide in 2020. Considering the love that our little area of the world has for PBR AND the fact that most of the town is some version of an artist, you'd think Missoula would be a shoo in for this contest.

Procrastinators rejoice, because you have the rest of the year to consider your artwork. Also, there are runner up prizes of $3,500 for 2nd place and $1,500 for 3rd. See past winners, download the template, and get the rules HERE.

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