A young up-and-coming artist is about to go on tour, and his first stop is going to be in Spokane, Washington. He's only 79 years old, but he's already racked up an impressive array of hits across several different bands and solo projects, has won 18 Grammys, and been knighted by the Queen of England. This kid's going places!

That's right, Paul McCartney (who you may know from his band The Quarrymen) is coming to Spokane!

Paul McCartney Is Playing in Spokane For The First Time Ever

Alright, enough of that bit. Obviously, you know who Paul McCartney is. And it's been a few years since he's toured, but that's set to change in 2022 - and his first stop on the Got Back Tour will take him somewhere he's never been before: Spokane, Washington.

Fans in Missoula will remember that Paul McCartney actually performed at Washington-Grizzly Stadium back in 2014, one of only a handful of concerts that have ever been held at there. That was before my time in Missoula, and though I've always been a big Beatles fan, I've never seen Paul McCartney live - but now that he's coming to Spokane, I'm working to change that.

McCartney will be playing at the Spokane Arena on Thursday, April 28th. Tickets will be available to the general public beginning on Thursday, February 24th, and you'll be able to get them through the Spokane Arena's website. If you're planning to go, I'd recommend either acting fast or trying to get into the presale - I'm guessing tickets for this show are going to sell quickly.

And listen, I'm not going to say that I manifested this into being - but a few days ago I had "Jet" by Wings stuck in my head and thought to myself, "Man, I gotta see Paul McCartney in concert one of these days." And now, it's happening!

Also, "Jet" rules. Let's all listen to "Jet."

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