Passion Pit appear to have something in the works. Today, they released a new song called "Somewhere Up There," while yesterday they gave us "Inner Dialogue." You can stream the former above and the latter below.

"Somewhere Up There" begins with lots of the layered, shimmering keyboards that are expected from Passion Pit, although it makes an abrupt change of direction about a third of the way through, and there are a couple of spoken word passages, including a voicemail message from Michael Angelakos' mother. "Inner Dialogue" is more experimental, with lyrics that are indecipherable due to the heavy treatment given to the vocals.

As Pitchfork notes, both songs were uploaded to the YouTube channel of Wishart Group, a new organization founded by Angelakos that is calling itself an "Artist Research and Protection Service." A Mashable story on Wishart said that they will provide legal, educational and healthcare services to musicians, with an emphasis on mental health. Angelakos has been open about his personal struggles with bipolar disorder and depression in recent years.

Mashable reported that Wishart has secured $250 million in funding from the music and tech worlds. More information is expected to be learned about them in the near future.

The two tracks were captioned with the hashtag "#seaoflove," an indication that it could possible be the title of Passion Pit's next record. Their last album was 2015's Kindred, which featured "Lifted Up (1985)." Seven months after its release, Angelakos came out as gay.

Listen to Passion Pit's "Inner Dialogue"

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