Drum roll please...Tagliare Delicatessen, by a long shot. The sandwich you mentioned most was the Megadeath, which is ham, finocchiona, hot sopressata, pepperoni, hot cappicola, smoked mozzarella, pepperoncinis, tomatoes and "feisty slaw". We can't pronounce some of that, but it's a damn fine sandwich! We've always been meaning to ask if the local sandwich is spelled Megadeath, rather than Megadeth - like the band, on purpose, but we figured it was a trademark thing, and besides, who cares, it's GOOD.

A distant second was Doc's, followed closely by Worden's and the Staggering Ox (if you've never tried a Clubfoot, you really, truly, absolutely MUST.) And, of course, the 2 billion votes and mentions for Dan's Soup & San and The Pickle Barrel, the two that kind of started this whole conversation. One comment about missing Dan's pointed out that their sandwiches were good, but it was really all about the soup, which is truth.

Doc's and Market on Front got props for offering gluten free bread, Bayern got a thumbs up on their pretzel bun reuben, a far away listener was missing the meatball & basil from The Bridge and the "frozen sandwiches at Walmart" got one vote, which we assume was fun sarcasm. Or maybe it wasn't, we've never had one.

We still haven't been to The Trough, aka The Olde Dairy out on Clements, but we hear great things, and Sonny's Original Cheesesteaks got some love from our listeners, too.

Well, now you have a bunch of great places to try out some sandwiches you may not have known about, perhaps a Sandwich Crawl is in your future. I mean, we ARE supposed to be supporting local businesses, and we DO have to eat. Two suggestions: even though you voted the Megadeath your fave, we recommend the Cure at Tagliare (yes, all of their sandwiches are named after bands, which is just another reason to love them the most), and, if you haven't hit up the Staggering Ox in a minute, don't forget to order a bag of guts and ranch, they have the BEST ranch.

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