The usual food for osprey are fish. And the Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge has plenty of them in some ponds that are usually accessible all year long. Visitors to the refuge can sit in their cars on the main road and wait for the birds' dinnertime.

osprey low flight
Osprey flying low over a Metcalf Refuge pond. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)
osprey preparation
The prey is spotted. (Mike Daniels Photo)

And the attack is swift ...

osprey in water
The osprey attacks. (Mike Daniels Photo)
osprey out of water
The osprey climbs back into the sky. (Mike Daniels Photo)

...and wet. Now, to get it home, as seen below.

osprey and fish
Back to the nest. (Mike Daniels Photo)

The raptor often uses its talons to line up the fish parallel with its body to reduce wind resistance, which is helpful when transporting the larger fish. With a meal firmly in its talons, the osprey heads away, possibly to a nest of youngsters.

Another bird that takes advantage of the fish population at the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge is the Great Blue Heron. We'll show that bird's "slow and steady" techniques later this week on this website.

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