In The Before Time when it was announced that Scheels was opening a location in Missoula, I was at some meeting, can't remember what it was about, but I do recall that a reliable source at the meeting was telling us that the Mustard Seed would eventually be moving to the Brooks Street shopping center, where Cabelas and Jimmy Johns are located. I thought that was weird, as the restaurant, one of my favorites, has become a staple of the Southgate Mall.

Turns out it's not moving down Brooks at all, they are only moving around the corner to the other side of the AMC Dine-In theater at the Southgate Mall. You may have noticed construction over there when using the Mary Avenue roundabout shortcut. I'm not only excited for the owners and this awesome new venture, but I'm excited for us, the fans of the Mustard Seed! I've been a fan since they were on Front Street, when I was a little kid, my Mom would take me there and I remember ordering "The Snack," which was an eggroll and a glass pineapple orange juice. Yum- I'd order that now as an adult.

The Mustard Seed made their announcement yesterday on social media, saying that the interior and exterior would be updated to include rooftop dining. You'll remember they offered their "Seed Pods" outdoor dining over this past winter, they always seem to be thinking about how to best serve their customers. I'm excited for the new place and rooftop dining, how about you??

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