This news just broke my heart when I heard it. Montana's beloved entertainer, lovingly known as Piano Pat, suffered a terrible fall at home earlier this month, bumping her head on her piano. She broke a hip, but fortunately, the doctors say her bump on the noggin isn't serious, although she did have some brain bleeding. Pat is 85-years-old and still working at the Sip n' Dip motel lounge in Great Falls as the night entertainment, singing and gleefully playing piano.

Pat has been featured on various national programs and news outlets, including a wonderful feature she did with 'CBS Sunday Morning' back in 2013, you can see that clip below, in full. She truly is the treasure in our Treasure State, and she is really racking up the medical bills with the new pin in the hip, and now, a bacterial infection. You can imagine how much she will owe for the head scans.

A family friend has started a Go Fund Me, hoping to raise $25,000 for Pat's medical bills. I imagine her fans will meet this goal rather quickly. All of our love and healing vibes go out to Pat Spoonheim and her family! And if you've never been to the Sip n' Dip, it's the bar at the O'Hare Motor Inn in Great Falls that everyone talks about because of the mermaids, check it out.

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