The Northern Cree singing group of Canada has received their 7th Grammy nomination, and will perform at the pre-telecast Grammys today. The group will complete in the "best regional roots music album" category for their album "It's a Cree Thing." It's a shame the group won't make it on to the televised portion of the Grammys, considering the following story they shared about their practice session in Los Angeles.

The stage producer said he never heard anything quite so dynamic. People working the stage were asking what's that feeling. From the plains of Turtle Island to the Grammy Stage, Cree style rounddance music reverberated through the Microsoft Theatre for the first time. Here's a little portion of what the entire world will bear witness to and hear when the 59th Grammy Awards open tomorrow at 12:30 Pacific time. The young Latin lady by the name of Carla asked how do I follow that type of energy. We are honoured and proud to represent all First Nations people at this historic event. Like and share far and wide!

The Grammys have already started, you can catch the live stream here.

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