A little over a month ago, we gave you the news that Nicolas Cage was going to be filming two new western films back-to-back in Montana. At the time, we didn't know when or where that was going to take place, but now we have a much better idea... because filming is happening right now, and Nicolas Cage has been spotted!

Where in Montana is Nicolas Cage?

A few social media posts have surfaced over the last couple of weeks from people who have either spotted Nicolas Cage or heard that he was in town, and it looks like he's been seen a few times in and around Browning, Montana in Glacier County, and one of the posts specifically mentions seeing him on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

A little less clear is which of the two movies Cage is currently filming there - it could either be The Old Way, in which Cage plays a general store owner who teams up with a 12-year-old to get justice for the murder of his wife; or it could be Butcher's Crossing, in which Cage plays a man venturing through the Colorado wilderness.

I think it's more likely that Cage is currently making Butcher's Crossing, as Deadline just revealed a first-look photo of what he looks like in the movie just a couple of days ago.

How much longer will Nicolas Cage be in Montana?

We're not sure how much longer Cage will be filming in Montana for, or where else production might take him - but it seems like things are moving pretty quickly. Maybe we can draw him out to Missoula by programming a Nicolas Cage marathon at the Roxy Theater - he's made surprise appearances at events like that in the past.

(As a pretty big Nicolas Cage fan, here's the marathon I would program: Raising ArizonaRed Rock WestFace/Off, Dog Eat Dog, and Moonstruck. Tell me that wouldn't be an awesome time, even if he didn't show up!)

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