For the better part of the past four decades, Nick Cave has been cranking out some incredible music. We've ranked all of his albums in order of awesomeness below.

From his formative years leading the often-chaotic band the Birthday Party, through the timeless albums made with the Bad Seeds, Cave's has continued to evolve, sharpen, change and redefine his style. Over the trek of albums with the Boys Next Door, the Birthday Party, the Bad Seeds and Grinderman, Cave has proved to be consistently engaging. Unlike many lists that rank "worst to best," Nick Cave stand with a select few who really have no "worst." Even on an off day, year or album, he has been able to summon up something of interest. At worst, you could say some are lesser versions of greater works, but they're all still very listenable.

The recorded side of Nick Cave only tells part of the story. The man is an author, film-maker, actor and perhaps above all else, a dynamic live performer. Cave has always stayed true to himself and his vision, even if that vision changed or wobbled along the way. It’s safe to say that Nick Cave has had one of the most solid and consistent catalogs of any artist of his generation, and beyond. Though up for debate, we present to you our take on Nick Cave's recorded works.

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