It's always good to hear about new business coming to town - after a couple of years in which so many of our favorite Missoula places have shut down, it's great that new places are coming in to help fill the void.

And recently, certain Missoula businesses have been seeing a lot of success - even going so far as to open new locations. HomeTana just had their grand opening for a second spot in Great Falls, and Double K Ranch just opened the Double K Deli & Meat Shop in Paxson Plaza.

And now, we've got a new business that has been in the works for a while finally opening up on Reserve Street.

Nutrition on Reserve is Officially Open For Business

Nutrition on Reserve is a new smoothie and juice bar that set up shop in Grant Creek Plaza on Reserve Street, the same plaza as stores like Crumbl Cookies and AT&T. They've been in the process of getting everything together for some time now - their Facebook page was created back in September, and shows all the work that went into getting the place ready to go.

Nutrition on Reserve serves healthy meal shakes, along with teas and aloe beverages. Their goal is to support a healthy, active lifestyle and create a positive, supportive atmosphere for its customers.

You can keep following their Facebook page for continued updates, and to see some photos showing off their shakes!

Have you been to Nutrition on Reserve since they've opened? What do you think?

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