The 4th of July saw a big announcement from some of Missoula's sassiest and brightest local entrepreneurs! The owners of Burns St. Bistro are expanding their expertise into downtown Missoula, the former Pearl Café Location at 231 East Front Street to be exact. Will this be a second location for affordable brunch? Not really, the name is even different.

Walker Hunter, Cameron Williams, and Jason McMackin will open the Brasserie Porte Rouge, using the Burns St. social media to explain, "Before you head to Google Translate, that’s Red Door Brasserie and you can watch for that door, along with a menu teeming with Bistro-esque takes on French standards, oysters, beer and cheese upon cheese opening this winter."

Apparently Burns St. owner Walker Hunter actually worked at the Pearl and is good friends with Pearl Cash, when she retired, they began having conversations on how to keep the French restaurant scene alive in downtown Missoula, and that's when the plan began to take shape. The full backstory, along with some very heartfelt thanks to the community, can be read below in the Burns St. Facebook post.

If you're not familiar with Burns St. Bistro, they are located on the Westside at 1500 Burns Street, serving breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, and a very popular local brunch on the weekends from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The house specialty is biscuits with sausage gravy and they are well-known for their use of locally sourced meats and produce. They are also well-known for their witty social media posts and down-to-earth personality, if you're not following on Instagram you're missing some truly funny stuff.

Congrats to this crew on their expansion, and being able to pull it off even during a worldwide pandemic. We look forward to checking it out this winter!

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