We're always talking about new restaurants and businesses that come to Missoula. Les Schwab might not be new to our area, but they have a brand new building and the new facility looks great. It's near their old location, on the property where the Lucky Strike used to be in Missoula.

Everyone knows Les Schwab for taking care of your tires and brakes but more important is their popcorn while you wait. :) In all honesty, every time I have ever had an issue the team at Les Schwab has done a great job of taking care of my problem. It's done in a timely manner and often they try to make it as inexpensive as possible. Which I why I continue to go back.

This is starting to sound like I am getting paid by them, which I am not. So, long story short their new doors are open so stop in at least for a free bag of popcorn.

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