Okay so I'm all about kids traveling outside of their comfort zones in order to try something new! I think this applies to adults too because you never know if you truly like or dislike something unless you try it! (Also, I'm trying not to remember that my mother said THOSE EXACT WORDS to me when I was growing up... sigh!)

My girl Rachel Plumage has been putting in countless hours over the last couple of months, developing a kids fitness class series at Ridge Fitness. These classes will get your kiddos out of the house, trying something new, hopefully making some new friends and keeping them healthy and fit all year long!

The latest addition to the already stacked lineup is Kids Only ZUMBA!!! So tell your kids to get their dancing shoes on and get ready to have a total blast because there is no such thing as a bad dancer at a ZUMBA class!

For more info on the kids fitness classes at Ridge Fitness, please feel free to reach out to Rachel Plumage herself or stop by the gym and see for yourself! This could be a game changer in your kiddos life!!!

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