Wow, TicketsWest has announced a re-scheduled date for the Cher concert that was supposed to take place this weekend, on Saturday, May 2nd, at the Spokane Arena. My 'wow' isn't because the show isn't happening, because of the pandemic, ticket holders knew it wouldn't, my 'wow' is because the new date is in 2020. I honestly didn't think shows of this magnitude would be happening until 2021 but I guess let's see what happens!

Couple of things here. First, if you are holding tickets for this show and can't make the new date of Saturday, October 10th, you can request a refund here. With that said, people will be requesting refunds, which means their seats will open up, and those of you who wanted to go but couldn't get tickets, now have an opportunity to see Cher! So there are a few silver linings here. Here's the page to keep up with updates and changes.

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