I was just wondering last night if it's a curse or a blessing that I live 6 blocks from Missoula's Yum Yum Row. Mary's Mountain Cookies, Veera Donuts and Big Dipper Ice Cream all in one quick bike ride. Of course The Bridge is right there too, way too much yummy. So I'm sort of glad this new place is no where near my home because their cookies look like ooey gooey awesomeness.

The place is called Crumbl Cookies and they are in the Grant Creek Town Center, where you've got Loose Caboose and Arby's there in in the parking lot, that shopping center on North Reserve. Here's how they describe their cookies:

FAST, FRESH, WARM gourmet cookies right out of the oven! Crumbl Cookies is here to satisfy all of your cookie needs. We are home of the world’s BEST chocolate chip cookie. We also have a weekly rotating menu that gives you a variety of new flavors to choose from each week.

What makes them special is they deliver and they can box up goodies as gifts. Crumbl is doing a FREE Cookie Day, this Friday, March 6th, from 10 a.m. to midnight. Great opportunity to check out the location and get a free taste!

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