A Facebook friend of mine did a post about how much she missed an old bar that no longer exists in Polson, and it got me thinking about all of the great party spots in Missoula back in the day. What Montana bar did you used to rock until it went away? Join our convo on Facebook.

I can think of a bunch, the the top two that come to mind are Jay's Upstairs and the original Boardroom in the Florence building on Front Street. It would be tough to find any Gen Xer in Missoula who doesn't have fond memories of drinking at Jay's Upstairs. In the 80's it was called Corky's and included a laundry mat, so you could wash your clothes, get drinks, and run into friends who were doing the same. I was just a kid back then, but I definitely remember it.

When it became Jay's and Jay's Upstairs, it was a game changer for Missoula fans of live music, we partied our asses off up there. We also discovered some amazing local talent and incredible punk/thrash/metal/hardcore/rockabilly/garage rock bands, it was a golden time to be a young person in Missoula. We all wanted to be in attendance when the floor eventually collapsed, which it never did. And getting down the stairs after a few shots was always a fun challenge. Everyone from The White Stripes to Oblio Joes to Volumen and International Playboys rocked Jay's, certainly way too many kick ass bands to even list. (See The White Stripes on stage at Jay's here.)

The Boardroom was a helluva good time for the college crowd in the 1990's. They had pitchers of beer and a great jukebox, and their bartenders were the best. It was never our first or last stop back then, because we never left, once we were there, it was so fun, we stayed all night.

Now I can think of SO many rad Missoula bars that no longer exist, how about you?? Join our conversation on Facebook!

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