During my drinking years, I spent a solid amount of time on the fun side of the bar. Not, like, barfly level, but I was certainly a regular at the Silver Dollar and Al's and Vic's. My apologies to the other regulars and staff at those fine establishments, and you all are welcome for my superior jukebox playlists.

Turns out, the other side of the bar is just as fun, if not more! Never ever in my life have I mixed a drink, I was a shots n' beer girl back in the day, but I quickly learned when a golden opportunity came up last month to make some killer tips working side by side with my besties. I loved learning all the work and constant effort that goes into being on that side of the bar, really enjoyed making people happy by handing them their favorite drinks, and certainly like seeing so many people after, well, you know. Plus, I used all of the wise knowledge I've obtained from John Taffer over the years, haha.

I even enjoyed taking the alcohol server training and earning my bartender license, but I love taking tests, it's really sick. Anyway, I got my server license and can continue to rock side hustles. I was fortunate enough to pick up a spot serving cold yummies at the new beer garden at Washington-Grizzly stadium. If you haven't seen it yet, it's on the south end of the venue, directly behind GrizVision. The fine folks at locally owned and operated Badlander Catering run the show and it's all beer and wine. So I won't get to use my drink mixing experience, but it'll be a blast to be in the middle of all the fun that is Griz game day.

This Saturday (9/25) the mighty Griz take on Cal Poly with kick-off at 1 p.m. The south end bar opens 90 minutes before kick-off and stays open through 3rd quarter. Enter to win a pair of tickets to this Saturday's game by texting "GO GRIZ" using your 96.3 The Blaze app.

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