I got the vaccine on Super Bowl Sunday and I am so grateful that my mom did, too. Thought I'd share the experience with you so you know what to expect when it's your turn.

When the Health Department released the appointments last week, I knew that all 800 spots would be taken faster than tickets for Paul McCartney at Washington Grizzly Stadium. Finally, my online concert ticket buying skills would be put to use after a year long break. They say not to log in early or it kicks you back out, so I waited until the very second it turned 1 p.m. on my laptop and logged in. From there it instructs you pick a time and the next question is do you want to add any family members. I was thrilled by this because I've been calling places daily to try and get my mom vaccinated, I know many of you have been doing the same for your parents. So I added moms name and they sent me a confirmation email and instructions. Really simple process and took less than 30 seconds. All 800 spots were gone within minutes, about 2 minutes for the 650 online appointments and the other 150 were made by phone. Keep an eye on this website for when appointments become available.

When we arrived at the Adams Center, a very nice EMS worker came to the window to ask if we had an appointment and reminded us to mind our footing as it was icy out. Everyone, and I mean everyone at the venue was more than kind and helpful. Even the EMS folks out in the freezing cold temps were full of smiles, and the entire process was incredibly organized and smooth sailing. First they take a copy of your insurance card, then you get your shot, then you wait for 15 minutes to make sure you don't have any bad reactions. On the way out they give you a card for your next appointment to get the second dose, which you get at the same location three weeks later. The shot just feels like a flu shot, and my arm is sore, like when you get a tetanus shot, but I don't have any reaction to this round. A lot of people get a bad headache for 24 hours after the first dose, but for whatever reason, the migraine I had all week went away after mine. Also, all of the health care workers in my family say not to take any ibuprofen or Tylenol before your appointment, but to take some after if/when you have reactions. I hear the reactions are more severe after the second dose, I hope it's not too bad.

Now, I don't know exactly how you get in on this option, but when we left, there was a long line of people who got to take the appointments of people who didn't show up. So that's an option, too. And for Natives, make sure you fill out the questionnaire at All Nations Health to try and get a spot at the Lucky's location vaccinations.

That's how it went for us, hope it goes as smoothly for you and your family.

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