Last summer, Christina Lynn and Butch Martin were warmly received by a crowd at the Daly Mansion when they brought their multi-media "Romancing the West" show to the valley. The event planners at the Hamilton mansion almost immediately decided to bring them back this year. And this is the weekend.

The 7 p.m. show Saturday, June 9, includes songs from Christina and cowboy poetry from Butch as they perform highlights of "Time Travels through the American West," which starts its summer tour in Hamilton and then continues in various Western states. The show starts in the 1700s and, with historic photos and videos, takes the audience through the "decades of social and political change, exploring both the tragic and the triumphant episodes of history to celebrate the pioneering human spirit and diverse legacy of the American West," as promoted in their news release, which also says "Within the show is a moving tribute to veterans, a majestic musical tribute to National Parks, and to hometown America." For reservations, call the Daly Mansion at 363-6004 or go online the their website.

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