It's one thing to sing about the woes of the world and bring attention to it, but it's quite another to be a man of action, and helping with solutions. These days, Muse vocalist Matt Bellamy is doing a little of both. In a wide-ranging feature with NME, the singer reveals that he's actually invested in a company that could have a solution to the world's energy crisis.

According to Bellamy, the company has technology currently in development by MIT scientists that would include firing lasers into the earth's core to vaporize rock and create geothermal energy.

“It vaporizes rock and it can go all the way through,” the singer explains, adding that the microwave millimeter beams shoot through the earth's crust, followed by water, in order to create the energy. “Geothermal is basically free, non-dangerous energy. It’s heat from the earth’s core burning water into steam and turning turbines. There’s no carbon emissions or anything.”

When jokingly mentioned by the interviewer that usually in this movie, the planet blows up, the singer laughed, then offered, "You can essentially move this device and create geothermal energy anywhere you want. An existing coal factory or something, get rid of all the coal and just dig a hole directly down. They’ve already got the infrastructure in place to create the energy just from a different source. It would literally solve the world’s energy problem.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bellamy addressed other ideas concerning our future, including the idea that our certain type of modern civilization may be coming to an end, potentially being replaced by a revolution that yields a new form of politics that is neither the far right or far left.

Muse are ramping up to the Aug. 26 release of their latest album Will of the People, which was heavily influenced by the events happening throughout the world in 2020. The set is available to pre-order here and you can catch Muse on tour at these stops.

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