The Ravalli County Sheriff's Office is reporting a murder suicide that occurred east of Corvallis on Sunday.

Sheriff Steve Holton said the initial call came in asking for deputies to check up on a Bitterroot Valley couple.

"Last night, our deputies responded at about 10 o'clock to a call for a welfare check and at that point we discovered was a very apparent murder suicide incident," Holton said. "Investigators from both the sheriff's and the coroner's office are working on that right now, and it's very apparent that that is what happened. It was a married couple and it occurred east of Corvallis."

Holton said the identities of the couple will remain confidential until further notice out of respect for the families.

"Whenever an incident like that happens, it touches everybody in the community," he said. "It's just so tragic for the family, so we're not going to release any information until they've had a chance to contact all their family members and make some preparations, funeral arrangements and things like that."

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